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Address: No. 58 Xinfa Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
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Suzhou Benteng Plastics Co., Ltd. is a private manufacturing enterprise located at 58 Xinfa Road, Suzhou Industrial Park. The total investment is 300 million yuan, covering a total area of 85 acres, with over 1000 employees and over 250 technical personnel. It is a national high-tech enterprise and an integrated engineering technology center for injection mold CAD/CAE/CAM. It is also an A-level labor security credit unit.
We have maintained a competitive position in the injection molding industry with leading technology and value-added customer service, as well as industry-leading machinery and equipment. Having a modern factory building and utilizing a circular energy system, we have created a humanized and environmentally friendly working environment and production line. From mold design and manufacturing, modified materials, injection molding, hardware stamping to painting, in mold molding, hot stamping, printing, assembly, etc., we provide customers with a one-stop, integrated solution service.
The Suzhou factory currently has 138 advanced injection molding machines, more than 60 precision mold processing equipment, more than 10 silk screen and assembly lines, and a 100000 level clean spray painting room. In terms of investment and operation strategies, we always adhere to the combination of reducing enterprise costs and improving supply quality. With the premise of increasing effective supply and improving supply quality, we will give full play to the key roles of backbone management personnel, technical personnel, and employees, strengthen quality management, enhance innovation capabilities, further increase product and service supply, and enhance industrial competitiveness .
We actively expand our business, implement a multi product line development strategy, form a representative of Suzhou private enterprises in the electric tool industry, and establish long-term strategic partnerships with internationally renowned brand groups. By leveraging new material and mold technologies, we have formed long-term cooperation agreements and joint development projects with Shanghai Automotive Group, General Motors Corporation of the United States, and others. In the future, we will continuously attract, expand, and deepen cooperation with international and domestic brand enterprises, thereby promoting our global strategic development and significant performance growth. We adhere to green development, take the lead in implementing energy conservation and emission reduction, promote energy production, adhere to innovation driven development, continue to promote institutional, mechanism, management, and technological innovation, and stimulate the driving force of transformation and upgrading; Adhere to clean and honest work practices, operate in accordance with the law, standardize operations, strengthen supervision, and ensure the healthy development of various undertakings of the company; Adhere to the principle of putting people first, so that the development achievements can benefit all employees more and more fairly, create a happy and beautiful new life together, and build a harmonious and prosperous new home together.
Pentium's existing factory:
Indian Pentium: Established in 2018, located in Bentley, India, with 6 CNC machining equipment for shaft products and 2 injection molding machines
Rongbaoyu, Vietnam: Established in 2019, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with 20 injection molding machines and 9 assembly lines
Mexico Pentium: Established in 2021, located in Monterey, Mexico, with 62 injection molding machines and 15 assembly lines

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